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I KEEL...wait...Heal?!

Illidan again
Polished off the lore segment on Malfurion Stormrage and the latest lore segment was on Korialstrasz, better known as Krasus. It was quite the informative segment and I learned some new stuff. ^-^

I'm still in the midst of trying to find a new web host, but that's going on the back burner until I get a bit more stable employment. Yeah, RL is sneaking into my WoW life. While the two are never supposed to meet, they unfortunately tend to be on a crash course at times. Like roller coasters with no brakes. So if anybody out there knows of a good webhost, lemme know! ^-^ I tend to trust actual people than those "testimonials" which may or may not be from real life people.

My Paladin is in the middle of a wonderful limbo...and it's turning my hair white! XD As a Retadin, she knocks level 80 enemies out in 3-4 hits and that number is decreasing. I'm turning her into a wrecking machine that tears through 4-5 enemies in less than two minutes. And, gasps of gasps, as a Retadin, she's hitting PvP. Granted, the last time I was in a battleground I forgot to put on my Resilience gear, was a bit more painful than expected, but it was still a blast. PvP has me jumping up and down in my chair while yelling at my spells to cooldown faster. I was pretty pleased with myself, though. I got two PvP achievements, one of them being you have to land a killing blow on one of each from the opposing faction (Human, Dwarf, Gnome, Night Elf, Draenei) and I got that in my first PvP go. That one made me happy.

Now a Healadin, she's running around the place like a chicken with her head cut off throwing heals all over the place. And it looks like I'll be healing a guild Naxxramas run on Saturday as the tank healer. Healing makes me so nervous. I have it in my head that, as a healer, every wipe will be my fault and I should foot the repair bill if necessary. I get so freaked out when healing that I don't even talk in Vent because I'm staring at the health bars hoping that I can somehow psychically keep the players alive. However, I should point out that my guildies are awesome and put up with my spaz attacks quite well. And I've gotten some of the rep gear and some enchants that really helped with healing and particularly keeping my mana pool from decreasing in the longer fights. Now all I need is for the final boss in Heroic Nexus to cough up that mace I want and I'll be happy. ^-^

Finally, one of my wonderful guildmates Augustus has been scheduling Outland raids every Monday and this past Monday we downed Lady Vashj! It was so cool! *squeals* And I've been getting the Tier gear, even though it's outdated. It looks cool. Next Monday is Kael'thas! *grins* That namby pamby elf-boy is going down. To quote one of the instructional videos for how to take down Kael'thas we're gonna "NUKE HIM HARD!" ...which as wrong as it sounds, made me giggle.

Prepare for defeat, Kael'thas!
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New Site 'n Things

Okay...I'm in the process of switching webhosts, so please bear with me in that the lore segments web page will be down for the time being. In the mean time, the latest lore segment was on Lord Illidan Stormrage's brother, Archdruid Malfurion Stormrage. Since the guy's been alive for 10,000 years, he's getting a two-part lore segment. So much to talk little time. *grins*

In my own gaming experience, I'm re-speccing my Retribution Paladin that is my main in the Epic Dolls guild. She desperately needs an overhaul so that she can kill things faster, better, and meaner. *innocent smile* So far, Paladin Schmaladin is looking to be my best bet. If any of you know of a good Ret Spec Tree build, let me know. It would be greatly appreciated. She's gotten some pretty good gear, and at the moment I'm having to choose between armor or dishing out damage. Hmmm...decisions...decisions. And I am slowly rebuilding my healing gear set. *sighs* I went and sold a lot of it thinking I would never need it. So unwise...

My Frost Mage has been floating around. I feel bad because a bit of drama happened with her, and she's my first character that I've leveled up the way I have. I'm sort of considering getting her to 80 and then retiring her. I dunno' just seems like I can't seem to get her set on a certain path and it's sort of frustrating. But in either case, she's my precious mage and I enjoy killing things with her.

Caution: Battle of the Wrathgate and Battle for the Undercity Spoilers Ahead. After the large anime smiley, you're safe from spoilers

In lore news, did I ever have a blast! I finally got to see the battle at the Wrathgate and the battle for the Undercity. Oh my gods that was awesome! And, I might add, Alexstrasza is freaking ginormous. Granted, I didn't think that she was going to be this tiny little red gecko, but holy smokes. One of her claws is as big as my Blood Elf Paladin. So glad she's a peaceful dragon (unless you threaten her children or life itself).  I also have to admit that I love the model that they're using for both her elven form and her Dragon form.

The battle at the Wrathgate was as chilling and close to what I think battles should be like in Warcraft. Even when Arthas showed up, I have to admit, he did cut a fairly impressive figure.  (I can't root for Illidan's competition from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne with a clear conscience, now can I?) Although I do feel sorry for Saurfang the Younger and Bolvar Fordragon. Ugh... And the plague that the Forsaken came up with. *gags* 

Although seeing the Red Dragons finally fly in and destroy everything was sort of one of those somber hope scenes. Sort of like seeing the bombers carpet bombing the area to cleanse everything.

And then getting to the Undercity and finding out that Varimathras had taken over. All I could do was laugh. And I've got a pretty good idea of who the "Master" is. He's back. He's pissed. And I think we're looking at another invasion from the Burning Legion. *grins* I personally would love to see what happens when Sargeras takes over the Burning Legion again. No more from those wussies Archimonde and Kil'jaeden. Of course, we might be looking at another War of the Ancients. Whuh-oh.

I did get plenty of screenshots from the battles. Sweet!

^___________________________________________________________________________________^'s safe. Here's to hoping that you all get to experience those awesome scenes throughout the game.

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Long Overdue, But Here It Is...

fiery blood elf
Whoops! After mistakenly trying to log into my old lore blog, I remembered that I switched around. *laughs* Oh dear, Lord Illidan would shake his head in disbelief.

However, there are new episodes up on the Epic Dolls website, plus the wonderful introduction with Katerina.

The latest lore segment was on the tauren. The stoic, strong and silent guardians of the lands. They are the ones that let the Horde enjoy druidism. Otherwise the Night Elves would have all the fun. *laughs*

The latest pondering on World of Warcraft lore that I had was one some of the storylines that abruptly end with either the release of an expansion or changes in-game. For example, take Alleria, sister to Sylvanas Windrunner.  She disappeared into Outland and then she was never found. While she was supposed to be found at Honor Hold, it seems that Blizzard had different ideas for her. However, it appears that those ideas were not expanded upon. Perhaps she is to be found somewhere in Northrend, seeking vengeance for her sister...? That is what happened with the Darion Morgraine storyline. Initially he was intended to be found in Outland, but with the release of the Wrath of the Lich King, he was moved to the honor of being with the Death Knights.

So perhaps we'll see Alleria eventually...? *gasp* What if she has been turned into one of the Lich King's servants? Would Sylvanas be mad or what?

*** real life, I have run into some serious monetary issues. I am only asking for help, not demanding it. If you can help me out, I'd really appreciate it.

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List of Segments and Arthas Speculation

fiery blood elf
Whee! An update! we go. I've got up all the lore segments on my website. Go here and then go to the "Voice" page. All of them are listed up to the Mannoroth lore segment. I'll update it soon with the Cenarius lore segment. So enjoy. Also, salutes and best of wishes to Rae. You will be missed.

Next up, an episode ago, we had a question about Arthas. Is he really Arthas, the Lich King, or something more? Okay, well...the best answer I have come up with is something more. To quote Christ Metzen "Arthas and Ner'zhul have become a perfect fusion of one being - Arthas' personality and body with Ner'zhul's wisdom, experience, power and EVIL." That sums it up best. Arthas and Ner'zhul became the big bully in our World of Warcraft playground, taking our loot money and beating us up...and sending us straight to a graveyard. During the question, "Tirion's Gambit," when he peers into Arthas's heart, he sees nothing but evil. Of course, it could be argued that by the time Arthas reached the Lich King, he was far enough along the path of evil that it wasn't a big step to become the Lich King.

There's been some speculation that it may still be able to redeem Arthas. In my opinion, there's two problems with that. One, with the stuff that Arthas did before he became the Lich King, he was pretty evil. Besides, Arthas is no more. He became a new being when he and Ner'zhul merged into one being. So there is no Arthas there to redeem.

Secondly, Blizzard, if you prove me wrong and it's possible to save Arthas...I'll march with a "REDEEM ILLIDAN" sign in front of your building. He's not dead...he's taking a nap.

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Greetings you little darling listeners...

fiery blood elf
Well, you found my wee little blog. This is the revamped version of my old blog. Mostly because I handle LJ a little better and also because I wasn't too keen on having to get another e-mail addy to keep using Blogger. But enough about that...

For those of you who are new, this is my blog for the lore segment I do for the podcast Epic Dolls. I am Illidarian. Instead of just being an overview of the lore segment that I contribute to the podcast, I will also include my thoughts and views on certain lore pieces of Warcraft and anything that deals with my WoW self. Because not only am I a part of the Epic Dolls on Perenolde, I am also a one of the newest members of the Sleeper Cartel. I play Horde and Alliance sides. Cheers.

For now, this is just an introductory post. Letting all of you know what's going on and that I'm back in action. Next post should be a little more informative and have more of my own insight.
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